Terms Of Service


Terms and Conditions of Use


Bistro Vino Ltd ("the Company") sets forth the following terms and conditions ("Terms") for the services provided by Bistro Vino Cellars ("the Service").


Chapter 1: General Provisions

Article 1: Scope and Modification of Terms

The Terms apply to all users, including members as defined in Chapter 2, concerning the use of the Service and constitute the agreement between the Company and the users.

The Company may modify the Terms at its discretion and notify users through appropriate means. Following such notification, continued use of the Service will imply the user's agreement to the modified Terms.


Article 2: Use of the Service

Users must comply with these Terms and the Company's Privacy Policy, User Guide, and Help information when using the Service.

By using the Service, users acknowledge and accept these Terms in full.

Users are responsible for their transmitted information and must not harm the Company.

Minors require parental consent to use the Service. The sale of alcohol to persons under 20 years of age is prohibited by law.

Users bear all costs associated with the use of the Service (e.g., internet fees).

The Service must not be used for improper alcohol consumption.


Chapter 2: Membership

Article 1: Membership Eligibility

Membership is available to individuals with an address in Japan who accept these Terms and complete the Company's registration process.


Article 2: Membership Registration

Applicants must provide true and accurate information for membership.

Credit cards used must be in the applicant's name.

The Company will confirm registration via email upon approval.

The Company may reject applications for reasons including previous violations, incorrect information, or inappropriate conduct, without disclosing the reasons for rejection.


Article 3: Changes to Registration Details

Members must promptly update their details if changes occur. The Company is not responsible for any issues arising from outdated member information.


Article 4: ID and Password Management

Members must safeguard their IDs and passwords.

The Company is not responsible for damage from unauthorized use of a member's ID or password.

Members must notify the Company immediately if they suspect unauthorized use of their ID or password.


Article 5: Suspension of Service and Cancellation of Membership

The Company may suspend or cancel a membership without notice for reasons such as violations of the Terms or providing false registration information.


Article 6: Withdrawal

Members may withdraw at any time through the specified process.

Upon withdrawal, membership benefits cease immediately.


Chapter 3: Membership Benefits

Article 1: Information Services

The Company provides information to members through various channels. Members can opt out if they choose.

If a member has been inactive for three years, information services will cease without notice.


Chapter 4: Handling of Personal Information  

Article 1: Use of Personal Information

The Company uses personal information for managing membership, processing orders, and other related services.

Members consent to the handling of their personal information in accordance with the Company's Privacy Policy.


Article 2: Disclosure of Personal Information

The Company will not disclose personal information except with user consent or under specific circumstances such as legal requests or service operation needs.


Chapter 5: Use of Services  

Article 1: Service Availability

Users have access to various services, with some services exclusive to members.


Article 2: Prohibitions

Users must not engage in illegal, harmful, or fraudulent activities or violate the rights of others when using the Service.


Article 3: Intellectual Property Rights

The Company owns the intellectual property of the Service content. Unauthorized use of this content is prohibited.


Chapter 6: Sales Service of Goods  

Article 1: Purchasing Goods

Users can purchase goods through the Service, with the understanding that alcohol sales to individuals under 20 are prohibited.


Article 2: Payment Methods

Payments must be made via credit card or approved methods.


Article 3: Return and Exchange Policy

Returns are allowed under specific circumstances, such as damage or incorrect item shipment.


Article 4: Disclaimer

The Company is not liable for service interruptions or issues outside its control.


Chapter 7: Operation of the Service  

Article 1: Information Management

The Company may collect access data for service improvement.


Article 2: Maintenance

The Company may perform service maintenance as needed.


Article 3: Changes to the Service

The Company reserves the right to change or discontinue the Service.


Article 4: Miscellaneous

Communication is primarily via email.

The Company may use user-submitted comments as part of the Service.


Supplementary Provisions:

These Terms apply from 1 October 2023.


Enactment Date:

1 October 2023.


Contact Information:

Bistro Vino Ltd  

Phone: 03-6417-9277 (10:00-18:00, closed on weekends and holidays)  

Email: [email protected]