Chateau Rousseau Blanc 2020

Chateau Rousseau Blanc 2020

Fruity with vibrant green tones.
Fresh and fresh fruit with a dry aftertaste.
Food pairing: fish and shellfish, goat cheese

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Les Grands Chais de France, the No. 1 private winemaker in France, was founded in 1979 by Joseph Helfrich, a privileged partner of winegrowers in the great wine-growing regions of France, with over 3,000 ha of vineyards, a grower and vinification and aging He is also an expert in vinification and aging.
In just one generation, it is a major stakeholder and France's leading private winemaker in Alsace, Jura, Diois, Languedoc, Bordeaux region, Val de Loire, Burgundy, and now Provence.

It has outstanding vineyards, protected from the Atlantic winds by pine trees, and benefits from an ideal climate. Everything the vines need to reach their full potential is present, and the gravelly, calcareous and clay soils on the banks of the Garonne and Dordogne rivers foster the diversity of this exceptional vineyard.

Known for its commitment to protecting the environment, sustainable development, and preserving resources for future generations, it has developed an environmentally friendly policy involving vine growers and local stakeholders. It also emphasizes the adoption of best practices throughout the wine production process.

Wine Properties
Type of Wine White
Wineries GCF GROUP
Bottle Size 750 ml
Appellation Bordeaux, France
Alcohol 13%
Wine Variety Sauvignon Blanc 100%
Vintage 2020
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